About AdServ

Adserv.com is currently part of the Contrib platform

Contrib is a transparent Platform-as-a-Service specifically designed to utilize a sustainable and socially responsible business network model that turns valuable domain assets into successful operating companies.

Our Vision

We envision people around the world with complementary skills, passion, time and resources coworking online building sustainable electronic businesses, part-time. Our focus will continue to support Adserv.com members with a system to grow and learn new skills, help build a company from scratch using the worlds best assets, and to contribute with other great, like-minded and talented people.


About AdServ

Contrib was created out of necessity to build, manage and monetize thousands of premium Urls like Adserv.com acquired over the 18 years of its parent company, GV, llc. Premium assets such as Streaming.com, Staffing.com, Linked and others were losing opportunity value so we built a model and technology to leverage the opportunities and offer it to our visitors.

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